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Hours ago Sulawesi is too far away for the aftershocks to be felt in Bali, Lombok or the Gili Latest advice for Indonesia after earthquake and tsunami.. The powerful quake triggered a massive tsunami which, despite basic tsunami warnings, took the region by surprise with horrific consequences . A ‘STRONG’ earthquake has struck off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia, with people on the popular tourist island reporting being woken up by the shaking. The magnitude . tremor hit miles north east of the city of Mataram, according to data from the US Geological Survey . A SERIES of powerful earthquakes have rocked the Papua New Guinea island of New Britain and Indonesia s Java and Bali islands, leaving .A strong and shallow earthquake early Sunday killed at least people and injured more than on Indonesia s Lombok island, a popular tourist destination next to Bali, officials said. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck at a depth of only kilometres . miles .. The FCO says its warning of the area is due to a summer of earthquakes. “There were a series of five major earthquakes and a significant number of aftershocks to the north east of the island of Lombok in late July and August , with tremors still being felt in September,” its advice said.. Is it safe to travel to Bali? battered by a . magnitude earthquake and a metre high tsunami on Friday Will there be another earthquake?. A shallow . magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali early Thursday, the United States Geological Survey said, causing panicked people to flee their homes. “The quake didn t trigger any tsunami for sure,” Dwikorita Karnawati told AFP.. BALI has been hit by a . magnitude earthquake. It is the fifth quake to slam Indonesian islands in a month after tremors rocked neighbouring .

A magnitude . earthquake rocked the Indonesian island of Lombok and nearby Bali on Sunday, damaging buildings, sending terrified residents .Chrissy Teigen has shared her shock and worry in real time during a powerful and deadly earthquake in Indonesia with her social media followers. The model, along with singer husband John Legend and their two children, felt the shaking on neighboring Bali on Sunday. “Bali. Trembling. So long,” Teigen . Posted . CCTV video captures the moment a magnitude . earthquake hit Indonesia and worshippers fled from a Bali .Newsletter. Subscribe now and receive latest updates from Balidiscovery. Bali Discovery Tours .Everything is fine at Bali Silent Retreat, although there was significant movement on the top level of the lodge during the earthquake on Lombok Island, east of Bali.The powerful quake comes exactly one week after another deadly tremor hit the island triggering panic among tourists and residents and was also felt on neighbouring holiday island Bali..The East Bali Poverty Project EBPP is a non profit organisation helping the thousands of people living in abject poverty without water, sanitation, roads, schools, health facilities and electricity in East Bali..The Latest Update On The Mt. Agung Volcano In Bali, Indonesia. . Related Video Mt. Agung is a closed system volcano which never had a history of being recorded with the use of instrumentation during an active phase..Green Camp is located at Green School, Bali, one of the greenest and most innovative campuses in the world. Set in this beautiful location, we offer programs for children, families and school groups with a range of fun activities that challenges campers physically, intellectually and emotionally..The latest San Francisco earthquake reports and news, plus how to prepare..