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The name Shanshan has been used to name four tropical cyclones in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The name was submitted by Hong Kong and is a girls .Typhoon Shanshan. Storm Activity . Storm Maps. Select a map to view Storm History. Satellite. Tropical Storm Shanshan. ” Hurricane .Typhoon Shanshan brushed parts of Japan, including Tokyo, with strong winds and locally heavy rain but never made landfall, leaving Japan .On this liveblog, The Japan Times newsroom will be updating the status of Typhoon Shanshan as it moves toward the Kanto region this .TYPHOON Shanshan tore along Japan s coastline on Thursday as the capital Tokyo narrowly avoided being battered by the typhoon s high .Typhoon Shanshan continued its slow moving approach toward the Tokyo region, with the tropical storm s arrival likely to disrupt commuters .Typhoon Shanshan spared most parts of Tokyo and is expected to head northward along Japan s eastern coast, averting major disruption for .A strong typhoon is projected to make landfall near Tokyo in August , bringing rains to a country already hit by torrential flooding this .Shanshan could just sideswipe Japan, with flooding, damaging winds and rough seas expected for much of the area..

Typhoon Shanshan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Luis, was a strong typhoon that affected parts of East Asia in late September . The th named storm of the Pacific typhoon season , Typhoon Shanshan was also the seventh typhoon of the year operationally recognised by the Japan Meteorological Agency ..Rows Weather Underground provides tracking maps, day forecasts, computer models, satellite . Typhoon Shanshan brushed parts of Japan, including Tokyo, with strong winds and locally heavy rain but never made landfall, leaving Japan relatively unscathed..Typhoon Shanshan clipped Japan’s eastern coast on Thursday morning, sparing Tokyo but bringing heavy rain, strong winds and high waves to some areas along the Pacific coast..NASA NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite caught up with Typhoon Shanahan and provided forecasters with a visible picture of the storm that revealed the storm still maintained an eye, despite weakening.. Typhoon Shanshan is set to approach the Tokyo area later this week, bringing heavy winds and strong rains to a region suffering from a sweltering heatwave..Typhoon Shanshan could linger longer than usual on the Japanese archipelago as it is slow moving almost at the speed of a bicycle which means more downpours for longer periods of time in .